Vilnius Ghetto Project
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"How people perished in the Ghetto - that I understand; what I cannot understand is how they lived." -- Chaim Grade.

reVilna is a digital mapping project dedicated to understanding how the residents of the Ghetto lived, how the ghetto functioned -- even, given the circumstances, flourished -- how it emerged, and how, ultimately, it was liquidated. Using geographical science and technology, reVilna seeks to reimagine the Vilna Ghetto.

reVilna is an immersible digital map of the Ghetto, built by geographically tagging over two hundred points of historical significance -- pulled from memoirs, archives, original Ghetto documents and artifacts, and oral and historical accounts -- and pairing them with dozens of relevant photographs. Users can explore the Ghetto on their own, using filters to find places and events of interest; or can follow built-in stories, including resistance, culture, health, education, Judenrat and formation and liquidation of the Ghetto.

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reVilna is an independent project, in collaboration with YIVO, in New York City. Please consider contributing to our Kickstarter campaign!

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